What kind of training do mental health counselors have?

Mental health counselors (and social workers) must go to school for four years to earn a bachelor’s degree and two more years for their master’s degree. Part of their schooling includes one thousand hours of unpaid, supervised practicum.  Once they graduate, counselors are required to work under weekly supervision for two more years. Finally, they must take a very difficult test. The test is multiple choice but weighted so someone guessing would get a score of zero (wrong answers can have minus one or minus two points).  In addition, licensed counselors are required to earn continuing education credits every two years. LMHC’s (licensed mental health Counselor) must be highly skilled before they earn that license.  Counselors working for Cheer Counseling have many more years of experience working with a wide range of people. We all have experience in relationships, depression, anxiety, grief, and substance abuse. In addition, each Cheer Counselor has their own specialties. Check out their biographies to learn more.